The major hurdle which women face while assuming leadership roles is still the unconscious bias that clouds judgments even when men fail to provide the best leadership. It is imperative that full-fledged gender equality is introduced at all levels. According to a global survey conducted by a prominent organization, women are still outnumbered by men when it comes to holding prestigious positions around the world. Today, when the number of women in the global workforce is rapidly rising, let us dedicate the coming decade to women capable of rising up to touch the zenith. 

The 6 critical areas of life, which require profound attention, include:

  1. Family and Home
  2. Financial and Career
  3. Mental and Educational
  4. Physical and Health
  5. Social and Cultural
  6. Spiritual and Ethical

What do participants learn?

A vital part of the Leadership for Women program is the accompanying Plan of Action. The participants of this program learn:

  • The patterns and principles of goal-setting, which give them a tool for achieving success in any endeavor they attempt throughout the rest of their lives.
  • How to identify the goals that express your true values and priorities and it also provides a structure for reaching them.
  • How to make their success last.
  • How to radiate their energy and success in order to become true leaders.
  • How to approach challenges in the financial and career area of their lives.
  • How to analyze their time-use habits, so that they can get the most out of each and every day.
  • They also learn how to share those skills with the people they lead, so that they, too, will grow and develop and make the best use of their time.

Who should go for it?

Your success at becoming the woman you want to be is determined by the extent to which you set your goals and follow a plan for achieving them. This program is women:
  • Who have been or want to be promoted to the C-Suite level.
  • Who want to create a brand-name of their own.
  • Who want to be the face of a brand/company.
  • Who want to be at the front-end.
  • Who want to overcome the challenges.
  • Who are touching the glass-ceiling.

It is also for those organizations which want to promote gender neutrality.

What are the challenges?

Women, in general, face the following challenges in today’s business world:

  • Setting personal goals with fixed deadlines.
  • Aligning their needs and career goals, which happen to be inseparably related.
  • Managing their professional career without a reduction in the focus on family and home.
  • Mapping their career in accordance with their potential.

Why choose this?

Overall success in building a complete, balanced life depends upon setting and achieving goals in every area of life. Not all areas will be equally important, nor will they carry the same sense of urgency at any given time. It is characteristic of human growth and personal development that we give major attention to one or two areas of life at a time. When progress is made in one area, attention is likely to shift to another area. Over a period of time, however, you should give attention to every area of life according to your own priorities and values. This program, therefore, helps in learning and implementing a system that has the potential to enable you to escalate from one area to another after successfully finishing it with utmost proficiency and also helps you in setting your priorities and values straight.


According to HBR Report 2019,

Women are still outnumbered by men in the most prestigious positions. The topmost hurdle in women gaining leadership has been the unconscious or implicit bias, which clouds judgment while lacking awareness. By eliminating stereotypical ideas around gender roles and by embracing gender equality at the top, a better future for the good for all can be brought forward.


  • Unconscious or implicit bias, which can cloud judgment people are not fully aware of.
  • Stereotypical ideas around gender roles just as the status quo is holding women back from embracing caretaking and support roles.
  • It was seen that women are more effective leaders later in their careers.
  • It was also evident from the study that women rate themselves as less confident than men until their mid-40’s.