The Bates Executive Presence Index (Bates ExPI) is the first and the only research-based, scientifically validated assessment to measure executive presence. And, India Executive Coaches is the first and the only certified agency to conduct the Bates ExPI coaching program in India.

A 3-Dimensional, 15 Faceted multi-rater tool is used to help leaders to develop and the presence and influence necessary for leading teams, driving strategy and making an impact. Organizations approach us to conduct this program to develop future leaders, build the influence of seasoned leaders, and to ensure that teams are driving holistic organizational performance.

What do participants learn?

Top leaders develop Executive Presence in a way that:

  • Mobilizes the whole team with inspiring commands and influence.
  • Reflects mastery and impacts everyone who comes in direct contact.
  • Greatly substantiates their significance in the organization.
  • Helps sustain goal-directed, output-oriented actions.
  • Forms a special class of communicative and effective leadership.
  • Motivates others for initiating and strengthening productive social action.
  • Helps in recognizing the true potential.
  • Induces colleagues and collaborators to their mission.
  • Clarifies the ambiguous and hindering bumps in the working process.
  • Enables conflict-ridden confrontations for the better.
  • Eliminates unproductive assumptions.
  • Brings forth the ideal working state-of-mind.
  • Entails renewed trust and loyalty in all involved.

Who should go for it?

In this era of rapid development and continuous evolution of the business world, the Bates ExPI can be very useful for every leader who:

  • Wants to excel in their field.
  • Wants to be ready for the top job.
  • Wants to make a bigger impact.
  • Has moved into a senior role.
  • Wants to reach unprecedented levels.

What are the challenges?

Executive presence has long been acknowledged as an important, yet mysterious “X-Factor” in leadership. Comprehending what it really means can be a bigger challenge than implementing its meaning when understood.

Presenting the right balance of Style, Substance, and Character poses another challenge, which Bates ExPI helps its participants overcome.

Increasing the leader’s openness to learning has been a challenge for many organizations in the past, but thanks to this program’s accurate and multi-rated assessment, new avenues of learning and development are opened.

Why choose this?

The importance of having high performing teams isn’t new. What has changed in just a few years’ time is the definition of a high performing team. And that’s because of what is required of teams today. The Bates ExPI model helps in:

  • Working at the speed of change.
  • Managing frequent disruption.
  • Staying ahead of the pace of advancing technology.
  • Making the company more competitive and hence, productive.
  • Getting rid of conflicts peacefully and understandingly for improved working processes.
  • Gathering keen insights.
  • Sustaining goal-directed actions.
  • Forming better connections to business objectives.


As per the HBR Report 2017,

The study reflected on a number of personality characteristics, ranging from confidence to concern and even achievements like practical wisdom. Through assessing an individual’s behavior in different situations, certain remarks can be made to explain their personality and also how they might react under different circumstances and how and where they shall improve and evolve.


  1. Are you someone who cares about others and help them succeed?- that’s concern
  2. Are you cool in a crisis?- that’s a part of composure
  3. Do you ask questions that get to the heart of the matter? that’s one part of practical wisdom.
  4. Are you someone who is decisive when making the tough calls?- that’s confidence.