A true leader has to be an agent of positive change. It is vitally important for them to understand that change is a process and not just an event. Change is inevitable and will come anyhow, it is the responsibility of a leader to make sure that the forthcoming change is positive in nature. A leader should be able to grow with everything and help grow everyone around them to achieve a greater and enriched potential. Effective Personal Productivity is the wellspring of success and a basic part of human nature, yet many lack the principles and direction they need to achieve.

What do participants learn?

Those who participate in this program get help in:

  • Establishing self-organization.
  • Discovering that they have challenges and how to overcome them.
  • Facilitating the win-win goal areas.
  • Understanding better what repercussions their actions entail.
  • Using their time optimally.
  • Touching the zenith of their potential.
  • Achieving smart goals efficiently in the shortest amount of time, in respect to the abilities and conditions of the individual.
  • Exploring new areas and expanding their horizons.
  • Evaluating attitudes and in doing necessary behavioral changes.
  • Communicating more effectively.

Who should go for it?

The program has been custom-made for those:

  • Who seek to derive success.
  • Who prefer tangible and smart goals.
  • Who want to encompass every area of their life with triumph.
  • Who want to rapidly increase their productivity.
  • Who want to establish priorities.
  • Who want to lead others to holistic success.
  • Who want to disperse great ideas.

It is also for those organizations which want to produce greater amounts of output.

What are the challenges?

A number of challenges are faced by people while trying to increase their productivity monumentally, such as:

  • Working longer and longer hours is a turmoil, which doesn’t necessarily ensure higher personal productivity.
  • Particular habits hinder the promotion of personal productivity.
  • Interruptions in productive behavior.

Why choose this?

Success comes, not when you reach a goal, but as soon as you take action to accomplish it. This program helps in attaining the Realization of success, which means that you are actually accomplishing goals. You are not just setting goals, but you are realizing them.

One needs to know where they will be in a year, three years, five years from now. With the aid of this wonderfully designed program, you can, systematically, decide on what your goals will be and on how to go about them in the most efficacious way.


As per the HBR Report 2018,

Leaders are agents of positive change. They understand that change is a process and not an event. A leader’s passion is to grow everything and everyone around them to achieve a greater and enriched potential. A survey was conducted to help professionals assess their own personal productivity- defined as the habits closely associated with accomplishing more each day.


  1. Working longer hours does not necessarily mean higher personal productivity.
  2. Working smarter is the key to accomplishing more of your priorities each day.
  3. Older and more senior professionals recorded higher scores than younger and more junior colleagues
  4. The overall productivity scores of male and female professionals were almost the same.